1. How long will my Fuzzy Wonderz take to hatch?
While each Fuzzy Wonderz is a bit different the average hatch time is approximately 10 minutes.

2. How do I make my Fuzzy Wonderz hatch?
By removing the key, and showing a lot of love, patience and care.

3. Do I need the egg after my Fuzzy Wonderz hatches?
No. The egg shell can be disposed of after your Fuzzy Wonderz hatches.

4. How do I wake up my Fuzzy Wonderz?
With power switch on, to wake up your Fuzzy Wonderz, just touch its hand, belly, or head. You can also wake it up by speaking.

5. How do I make my Fuzzy Wonderz talk?
Fuzzy Wonderz can respond to the following keywords and phrases:
Where are you from?
Tell me a story?
Sing a song?
Dance for me?
I Love you!
Tell me a joke!
Am I pretty?

6. How do I turn my Fuzzy Wonderz off?
Fuzzy Wonderz does go to sleep. To put your Fuzzy Wonderz to sleep, simply press its head for 1 second. For longer shutoff periods, use the power switch to turn off.

7. What happens if nobody interacts with Fuzzy Wonderz for a certain amount of time?
If Fuzzy Wonderz is not touched, talked to, or shaken for 3 minutes, Fuzzy Wonderz will feel sleepy and ask where you are every 20 seconds for a total of 3 times. If they are ignored, Fuzzy Wonderz will start to snore and fall asleep.

8. Are batteries included?

9. Do I need to replace the Fuzzy Wonderz batteries?
Yes, the batteries can be replaced by unscrewing the battery cover on the bottom of the Fuzzy Wonderz. Fuzzy Wonderz take 3, 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries.

10. What happens if my Fuzzy Wonderz doesn’t hatch?
Confirm the key has been removed, continue showering your egg with love and affection. Some little birds have a hard time getting out of their eggs, they need the mother bird to help. Crack away.

11. Why doesn’t my Fuzzy Wonderz talk or move?
Fuzzy Wonderz batteries may need changing. Please replace the batteries.

12. Does it walk?
Fuzzy Wonderz do not walk.

13. Why does my Fuzzy Wonderz respond slowly?
Fuzzy Wonderz batteries are running low. Please replace the batteries.

14. Why are my Fuzzy Wonderz eyes flickering?
Fuzzy Wonderz batteries are running low. Please replace the batteries.

15. How big is the Fuzzy Wonderz?
Upon hatching the Fuzzy Wonderz are approximately 5 inches tall.

16. What is the Fuzzy Wonderz made from? Is it soft?
Yes, Fuzzy Wonderz is soft and fluffy but durable.

17. What ages are the Fuzzy Wonderz best for?
Fuzzy Wonderz is best for children ages 4 and older.

18. How do I care for my Fuzzy Wonderz?
To properly clean your Fuzzy Wonderz, use a damp cloth and wipe down the fur. DO NOT submerge your Fuzzy Wonderz in water.

19. Is the app free?
Yes, the app download is free with a purchase of a Fuzzy Wonderz.

20. How do I sync the app with my Fuzzy Wonderz?
Simply press the Fuzzy Wonderz tail. This will turn the interactive app option to on.

21. Is the app available for Android and iOS?
Yes. The app is available for Android 4.0 or later and iOS 6.0 or later.